Quilt in the hoop

Mini Stockings


4x4 (100 x 100mm)

for the 5x7 set please click here

The 4x4 mini stockings measure

+- 2.91 x 3.91 inches (+- 74 x 99.5 mm)

A BIC lighter fits inside these stockings comfortably

The quilting gets done in the hoop, so any fabric of your choice can be used.


The mini stockings are - provided in three cross hatch quilting variations  , partially quilted, as well as fully quilted, and is made completely in the hoop.

A design file is also included that is set up so you can add a "pocket" to the back of the stocking,

and or you can sew two stockings together.

BONUS in the 4x4 set - Also included is a "fatter" stocking

+- 3.67 x 3.91 inches (+- 93.10 x 99.5 mm)


24 Design Files -

Stitch Count ranges from 3355 to 4943 stitches depending on which variation you use.


A PDF Document is included to assist you


This set is available  4x4 (for the 5x7 set please click here)


 CCQ0112 - Mini Stockings - 4x4


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