From the Quilted Oval Placemats Sets

Dot from Arkansas
I just wanted to send you a picture of the reversible placemats that I made for my mother's birthday present. They match her kitchen perfectly. I am currently working on Christmas ones and participating in the Santa Online Project in the SWMED yahoo group. I love the placemats! Wonderful design.


Ruth in Lacey, WA

 I dearly love these - did one side with the ants, and the other with
"redwork".  If you want to pass on a hint, I always use the sides of the
Vilene that are left, and sew them together. IF you are going to use them
for things like these mats, you can just use any thread to sew the pieces
together, because they won't show or will be cut off. Gave them to my DIL Sat. and everyone thought they were marvellous!
I know I will be making lots more. Thank you for such nice, EASY, fast

Ruth in Lacey, WA

Mary's  "Louisiana" oval placemat,

Mary made a set of six for her dining room table


The quilting gets done in the hoop, so any fabric of your choice can be used.

"I do keep placemats on my dining room table all the time so I'm always looking for something "different" and I knew that I had found it when I saw the oval ones.  Very nice digitizing.

By the way, my husband was very impressed with the placemat and it takes quite a lot for him to really like something as I'm always sewing, quilting, or doing embroidery. 

Thank you so much and keep up the great work.
Mary Hawkins (Louisiana girl)"


Kay's "Bob the Builder" placemat

made with lots of love for her grandson Alexander

Hi Chantell, I'm beginning to think of you as an "evil influence".<g>  Now you have me buying fabric!  This is the person who had no idea what a fat quarter was!  Now I'm telling people to wash the warm and natural batting before stitching.<lol>
Nancy from OK  -

is getting ready for Thanksgiving and Fall

Hi Chantell-
 I've been waiting for some oval/rounded placemats and just knew you'd come up with them. 
 If you can't tell, I love your work.

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