One Bedroom's "bedding makeover" is complete

The "Major Designing, and Sewing Marathon" - has finally come to an end.

And the one bedroom's "bedding" makeover is finally complete


I call them "Quilvets" - Added a "Duvet ending" to them - so one can slip a duvet in during colder months.
Ended making two "Singles" since a king size would never fit in my washing machine.
They washed beautifully and are on the beds.

For the accent "Cathedral parts" I used the 8x8 size of  Q0529 - QI - Cathedral (Orange Peel) Squares - 5 inch / 5.8 / 8 inch

and The "plain" sections are from the 8x8 set of Q0531 - QI - Stipple Quilt Set - 5 inch / 5.8 / 8 inch


Then I also made pillowcases, decorative pillowcases, and one "blanket holder" Focus pillow. Figured storing blankets in it would be a good idea,
then one will always know where to find a light weight blanket if a "quick nap" is required without wanting to get under the covers (lol).
The Focus pillow has a zip at the back, so it is easy to get to the "blankets", and just as easy to fold them up and place them back, and zip up when done.

The appliqué design on the decorative pillowcases wlll be made available soon in an upcoming set.


I also designed "sashings" for the sides of the Focus Pillow - If anyone is interested in the sashings - please do let me know, and I will make them available
The "NEW LOOK" - Complete
April 10 2016

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