Melinda in CO

Dear Chantell,
I am so excited that I actually got my second hexagon runner finished! I hope you tell your customers to not be afraid to try your new TIRSO technique because it is quick and easy to whip up projects.
Even the turning-right-side out process is speedy (I like my chopstick method - makes quick work of turning these little hexies right side out).
I decided to make this runner into four "flowers." I added yo-yos and vintage buttons to the center of each flower just for a little extra pizazz! Now my kitchen bookcase looks so cheerful!


Melinda Used this set 

Q0389 - HOME 11 - Small - 3x3.5 inch completed Hexagon  



Below is a short description of Melinda's "Chopstick Method" in her own words.

"I used a chopstick to poke out the first corner, then I propped the end of the chopstick in my lap (needed a book to avoid poking myself!)
and rolled the fabric down the chopstick until it was right side out.
Then I used the skinny end of the chopstick to poke out the corners. Once I got the method down, turning the hexies went pretty quickly."



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