Quilt in the hoop

Hexagon Of The Month Excitement

CCQ0389 - HOME11

This set is only available in one size

Small = one completed hexagon measures +- 3x3.5 inches


Hexagon of The Month Excitement  - HOME 11 - is a TIRSO (Turn It Right Side Out) quilt set


One completed hexagon measures +- 3x3.5 inches
on its own - makes for a wonderful coaster .
Stack of hexie coasters - makes for a great gift.


This Placemat/ Doily below measures +- 14x15.25 inches

The hexagons in this set are made differently to those of the other HOME sets, With these there is no satin stitching, and no raw edges once the hexagon is completed. Giving these a more traditional look and feel.

Made completely in the hoop in one hooping

When making larger projects, doilies, quilts etc, you can either hand stitch the completed hexagons together,
or assemble them with your sewing machine using a stitch of your choice.
Suggestions and photos for assembly are provided in the PDF document

This Table runner below measures +- 14 inches from point to point by 52 inches long
In this set you receive the hexagon in 6 quilting options, 
01 02 03 04 05 06
provided as individual designs for the 4x4 hoop, as well as making two at a time in the 5x7 hoop. These stitch very quickly, for even more time saving use the "two at a time in the 5x7 hoop"
Stitch count ranges from 968 to 1225 for one at a time, or 1993 to 2507 for two at a time

You Receive

  6 individual Design files for the 4x4 hoop + 6 design files for the "two at a time"  for the 5x7 hoop + a detailed PDF document

*****Please take note - all the projects on display are made from using printed or plain fabric - the fabric is not included in the set. You would use whichever fabric you choose to for your projects.*****

A PDF Document is included to assist you 


This Set is available in


Please be sure you order the correct product.

CCQ00389 - HOME11


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Small - one completed hexagon measures +- 3x3.5 inches DST HUS JEF PES VIP VP3

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Hi Chantell
Just thought I would share with you the tool I have been using to turn my hexies right side out. I bought this collar turning tool from Nancy's notions so long ago and decided to try it with this project. It works like a charm.

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