Beth in CA

Carol in MN

Hi Chantell, I made 8 Placemats using the Leaf Quilting designs.
They stitched out perfectly and I love the autumn colors,
Thank you,
Beth in CA
Dear Chantell,
My project was made from design CCQ0218 - Pot Holder 3. I love your designs!
Beth used this set

Q0335 - Decorative Leaf Quilting Set - 5x7 or 5.8x9.2 or 6x10 or 8 x 11.7

Carol used this set

Q0218 - Potholder 3 - 5x7 or 5.7x7.8


Piper in OR
Hi Chantell,
I used the quilt block to make these hot pads for the table.
The other is a table runner that I made for the holidays.
It lays so very nice and flat and has heat padding in the center as do the hot pads.
I love your designs,
Piper used this set  - Q0308 - You Decide The Project - 5x7 or 5.8x9.4 or 6x10 or  7.8 x 11.7 Piper Used this Set - Q0343 - Cherri's Circle Squares -  5x5 or 6x6 or 8x8

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