Linda in MI

Hi, Chantell
Here is my grand daughters DRESSER RUNNER that I made for her using your quilted table runner..
Her quilt is made up with these materials and she asked me to use her scraps and make her a dresser runner.
Thank you so very much for this design. I recommend it highly. Blessings, Linda B
Hi, Chantell
I have attached my project of your designs, that I have done for my granddaughter and her husband.
I love the pattern and you made it easy just like all the ones you make. This frame matches her bedspread and other new things for her bedroom.
I plan on making her only one more item that matches her material of her bedroom and that is a box for her jewelry and I have already purchased the design from you.
I hope I did justice to your hard work and she loved it when I gifted it to her for their Christmas gift. The picture is of her and her new husband almost three years ago now.
This is their wedding picture.

Thank you very much for your hard efforts and making stitching very enjoyable for us all. Blessings, Linda B
For the Project above Linda used

Q0017 - Table Runner

For the Project above Linda used

Q0053 - Picture Frames / Hot Pad


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