Quilted Projects
Table Runner, Placemats, Bun Bowl


4x4 (100mm x 100mm) or 5x7 (130mm x 180mm)

The quilting gets done in the hoop, so any fabric of your choice can be used.


The Table Runner can be as large as you want it to be. This one was made from the 5x7 files and is 20 x 30 inches. to make it larger just add additional panels.

These placemats were made using the 4x4 Panels

You can even make a Square Bun Bowl

Both the 4x4 and 5x7 sets, contain all the necessary panels to make,
placemats - be it square, an oval or a round doily,
a table runner and a bun bowl.
The only difference will be the size of your finished items.

All the panels come in 4 quilting variations (20 designs)

Assembly is a an individual choice-  

A PDF document with options for assembly and text instructions are provided.

Photos are included.

Thank you to my dear friend, Jeannie Summers, who made up all these exquisite projects on display.
For more photos please click here

This set is available in  4x4 or 5x7
Please be sure you order the correct product.

CCQ0017 - Quilted Table Runner and other Projects


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4x4 - HUS JEF PES  
5x7- HUS JEF PES  

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