Bonnie in CA
As promised, I have finished the quilt for my grand daughter. I even put a dedication on the back of one of the blocks so she will know what year she got the quilt and from whom. These are the preliminary pictures. I plan on washing the quilt to give it that "slightly shrunk wrinkley" look that most quilts have. I did not prewash the fabric. The designs are from Stitch It Cheap. I do love the finished edging and the 8 x 8 size I used on this quilt. It was a lot of work but so worth it.
Front of Quilt Back of Quilt

Bonnie used the 8x8 size of Q0159 - Orange Peel Squares
together with the 8x8 size of
 QS0012 - Orange Peel Border  
- and the embroidered designs are from Stitch it Cheap



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