Lynn in AZ
Hi Chantell,
I am so excited! I finished the quilt in about 100 hours. Thanks to your Orange Peel 8x8 design and Isabell in Calgary displaying her great Carousel Quilt, I decided to buy a Janome 11000 Memory Craft Embroidery/sewing machine. I have embroidered lots of lace things on my brother 4000D.
My very first quilt I used the Janome and four colors of flannel from Jo-Ann's, Water Soluble Stabilizer from Aqua Magic. The designs came from two sources Anita Goodesigns and Embroidery The thread is poly Arc thread. I used abut 80 different colors (the embroidery designs is what took the long hours,but worth the time) The hardest part of making the quilt was trying to decide what fabric and designs I wanted to use. LOL!
I finished the quilt took it to my favorite quilting fabric store 35th Ave Sew and Vac. Many of the quilting ladies saw my quilt and said I should enter it in our state fair. I would win first prize. Sadly the fair has closed until 2008. The quilt is a gift that will be given on Saturday September 22, 2007. Here are a couple of pictures.
Thanks again Chantell,
Lynn (A retired preschool teacher living in Arizona USA)

Lynn used the 8x8 size of  Q0159 - Orange Peel Squares

- and the embroidered designs 
came from two sources Anita Good designs and Embroidery


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