Nancy in AZ
Hi Chantell
I was working on my little Orange Peel table topper the other day and wondering how I was going to finish off the sides.  Lo and behold, you and Isabelle got together and you came up with those terrific crescents that just finished it off beautifully.  I just love the Orange Peel design.  What you can't tell from the pictures but I know you know it's there, is the wonderful puffy little dimension you get from the middle design.  I loved the butterfly fabric and just made the plain, cross hatch squares and then found a little butterfly design for the center which I stitched in gold metallic thread.  It looks very pretty if I do say so myself.  
Mucho hugs,
Nancy in AZ

Nancy used

the 5x5 size of Q0159 - Orange Peel Squares and the 5x5 size of the  QS0012 - Orange Peel Border

 the center butterfly is from Nancy's embroidery design stash (if you know who the digitiser is, please let me know so we can give them credit)



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