Liz in IN
I made four placemats. It was the first time I tried your designs. My mother told me how great it was. You know mother's though. Thank you Liz

Liz used  

Q0100 All in One Attic Square and   Q0026 - Quilt 4 Scallops

Heidi in CA
Hi Chantell,
  I made your 5X7 box embroidered with Dakota Collectables Embroidery Club designs called Time for Tea

 Heidi used Q0019 - Quilt 3 to make this container

Debbie in TX
Hi Chantell,
Here is a Table Topper I did for my Secret Pal.
It's sets CCQ0133 and CCQS0008, your stippled sets. Thank-you
these sets turned out wonderful and were easy to do........Debbie

Hi Chantell,
Here's 2 more projects I made for my sewing room. One is CCQ0133  and
the other is  CCQ0134 . Thank-you for such wonderful designs.

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