Joyce in TX
Hi Chantell, I thought you might like to see a picture of the wall hanging I just finished. I love it. I studied long and hard as to how I would put the wall hanging together so as to get the size I needed and also to have different quilting techniques. I didn't want the same technique adjacent to the other. Thanks for all your designs.

Joyce used panels from all the following sets ,

the "flower" from Q0128 - Floral 4, next  Q0062 - Scroll Sashing, and "sashing panels"  from Q0073 - 5x7

then the stipple sashing from  Q0130 - Stipple Scallops and Sashing and last the cross hatch scallops from Q0026 - Quilt 4 Scallops


Chantell, attached is a picture of the purse I made with your designs as pockets. I used the Floral 1 Q0125 set.
Thanks for all you do.

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