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Alyce in ME
Hello Chantell,

I am not sure if you remember me or not. I was so intimidated and overwhelmed by your designs but had to try. Well, I did and as you can see, they were successful!

My future daughter-in-law and son had graduated from nursing school and I wanted to create something for them. I purchased the small and medium size purse and also made a square box to match, for my son to keep his work related items in. I embroidered the small one first and after seeing the final product I thought, how easy it was…what a relief! When I tackled the purse, I wanted it to be practical, functional, one of a kind and look nice as well. I HAD to create pockets on the inside as well as the outside. I knew she was getting a pocket PC as a grad gift, stethoscope and other items needed to perform her job.

Well, she loves it and has thanked me many times. My son liked the box.



Alyce used the Quilt 4 and Quilt 7

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