Using A Set in Dining Room Table as a Sewing Table

Whilst working on my latest Quilt - which has turned into quite a large project (57x87 inches) and growing.
I kept muttering to myself, that I wished they provided "Sewing Tables/Cabinets" like they did in the "old days".
In my mind I can still see my Mom's machine, which was set in a wonderful sewing cabinet. The sides would lift up, and be the same level as the sewing machine stitch plate.
Yes, I know that today they sell added extras - like a mini sewing table that fits next to or around your sewing machine,
that is still just way too small a surface for what I want.

I contemplated convincing my husband to cut a hole in a table(lol) and to make me a suitable space so I can sew in comfort.
BUT - then I remembered - We have a dining room table, that has a set in sleeve.
It became the answer to all my mutterings. It may not be the "perfect" solution, but it certainly has made sewing this quilt, a whole lot easier.
My husband thinks I am a genius, hope he still thinks so when he realises this is going to be my permanent sewing table(lol)

I have been so enthused with this set up, that I have even stitched two flat sheets, two fitted sheets and a new bed base cover.
Keeps DH very happy with my new sewing table(lol)

Maybe some of you also have a set in sleeve dining room table - that you can annex for your next quilt project.
Take note, that this is at your own risk. My table is very sturdy and in perfect condition and works for me.
You have to judge your own table yourself and see if is sturdy enough for your sewing machine.

I am sure I will be making more adaption's, as it becomes a more permanent sewing table,
but for the time being - this has really worked for me, with no added expense or effort at all.

You slide the two main table top parts, of the table apart And the Set in Sleeve goes on top of the cross bars provided for it, when not in use. - picture below shows the underside of the table, with the set in sleeve on the cross bars
Slide the set in sleeve, so it is flush with the "front" bar, that the two main table tops are resting on.
Place your Sewing machine in place on top of the set in sleeve.
Slide the left top so it is flush with the sewing machine - the height difference now between the needle plate, and the table top, is SEW much less., +- half an inch
I took an old cabinet door, to close the gap, behind the machine, it is resting on the left and right table top sections And that door, is basically flush with the sewing machine
Sewing Large Projects - has just become a whole lot easier.

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