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"ALOHA" Quilt Sets

All the designs have been thoroughly tested.
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In the "ALOHA" Series - the contrast fabric is attached using an applique method
AND - There is NO Outside Satin Edge on any of the panels, be they be borders, corners or squares.
The Design files in these sets have a built in quarter inch seam allowance.
When you use the these panels, you will straight stitch the panels together to make your project.
- complete details are in the PDF document on how to use these design files -
The "ALOHA" Series is available in two sizes - 5x5 and 8x8

5x5 - you can use charm squares for the contrast fabric - as well as layer cake fabric squares
- especially great when you have to stitch 4 of the quarter design to make the large block
8x8 - great for large pieces of fabric

The "ALOHA" sets can be mixed and matched with each other, as long as all the sets are in the same size

All sets below - Click on any of the pictures

Stitchouts in other fabrics

aloha set 2 8x8 squares  aloha set 7 8x8 squares 

aloha set 8 4 8x8 squares  aloha set 4 8x8 squares

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- if you are using a free email address - this may then take +- 8 hours before your order is processed, thereafter you will receive your download information.
- if you are using PayPal - it may take a couple of hours before your PayPal is processed, thereafter you will receive your download information.
- for the Singles and the Free sets, those will be forwarded to you within 24 hours.

Quality Guaranteed

The embroidery designs from Chantell's Creations have been thoroughly tested, and customer satisfaction is very important to us.