Quilt in the hoop

Quarter Inch Quilted Panels

CCQ0520 -  QI (Quarter Inch) Single - Friendship Braid Panel with Star Quilting

Please be sure you order the correct size of this product.

(5.8 x 14inch) 150x360mm

Quilt in the hoop panels with a built in quarter inch seam allowance. This set is great to use with Jelly Rolls.

This Friendship Braid panel is provided  in one long length. A Stitch and Flip Rectangle , Pieced  and quilted in the hoop in one hooping, The panel is also provided where you can use just one solid piece of fabric , with the Star quilting running from edge to edge, starting at the top and ending at the bottom. Provided in regular and Bold Stitching
You Receive 3 design files
- A Stitch and flip Rectangle, using multiple fabrics - provided in Decorative Regular stitching (1 design file)
- A one fabric Decorative Quilted Rectangle - provided in both Regular and Bold stitching (2 design files)


 150x360mm  -  5.8 inch x 14 inch rectangles - stitch count ranges from 5088 to 7719 stitches



A PDF Document is included to assist you to make the quilted panels

*****Please take note - all the projects on display are made from using printed or plain fabric - the fabric is not included in the set. You would use whichever fabric you choose to for your projects.*****
You can also mix and match the panels from this set with the same size panels   

of Q0510 - Draw String Bag/Tote - 4.7 inch/ 5 inch / 5.8 inch

, and with other quarter inch sets   QI - Quarter Inch - Quilt sets

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This Set is available in

 (5.8 x14 inch) 150x360mm

Please be sure you order the correct size of this product.

CCQ00520 -  QI Single - Friendship Braid Panel with Star Quilting


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5.8x14 inch- (150x360mm) DST VP3  

QI - Quarter Inch - Quilt sets
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