Tropical Fish Stencils - Coasters and Ornaments

CCQ0200 - 4x4

4x4 inches (99x99mm) 
I decided to to make a mobile from the ornaments, and it came out absolutely stunning.
You receive a set of 5 Tropical Fish Coasters

You can have lots of fun with the colour combinations you decide to use

The coasters measure +- 3.62x3.62 inch (90x90mm)
coaster 1 coaster 2 coaster 3 coaster 4 coaster 5
Stitches +- 11963 Stitches +- 13470 Stitches +- 12245 Stitches +- 13157 Stitches +- 14248
Each design is also provided with a loop so you can hang them as ornaments
The ornament size measures +- 3.62 x 3.91 inch (90x99mm)
Stitches +- 12153 Stitches +- 13665 Stitches +- 12440 Stitches +- 13352 Stitches +- 14443
 -Tip: when using the ornament designs, remember to use the same thread in the bobbin as on the spool, so the back is the same as the front.
The ornament size measures +- 3.62 x 3.91 inch (92x99mm)
We chose a white twinkle satin fabric to stitch the designs on to, so that when completed, the twinkle satin "twinkles" in the stencil parts. You can however use any fabric of your choice.

- You will need to hoop fabric and embroider the designs on top of fabric - for perfect edges and for the ornaments, you can hoop one layer (or two layers) of water soluble together with the fabric, then trim the fabric away before you do the satin edge around the coaster/ornament


A PDF Document is included with tips and suggestions to assist you with making the ornaments and the coasters


CCQ0200 - Tropical Fish -  Coasters and Ornaments


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4x4 - (99x99mm) DST HUS JEF PES VIP

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