Chenille Quilt in the hoop

Chantell's Chenille 2 - Squares


Please be sure you order the correct product.

(4x4 ) 100x100mm or (5x5 ) 130x130mm or (5.8x5.8) 150x150mm

 or (6x6) 160x160mm or (8x8 ) 200mmx200mm

Making your own Mock Chenille Fabric - has never been this easy.

This set has been specifically designed for making your own chenille fabric, which you can then use like any other fabric to make stunning garments, bags, quilts and even soft toys.  Use the mock chenille fabric in appliqué designs and "WOW, it is sooo soft", are words often used. You have to feel it to really appreciate the effect it creates.

Use light weight summer fabrics and make stunning Summer projects and in Winter, Flannel makes the warmest and cuddliest  quilts.

You can also make similar projects to those in the Rectangle set - just out of squares.

Simply select the channel width design of your choice and let your Embroidery machine do all the work, - Quick and Easy, No Fuss at all
This set only contains Squares and the channels are spaced ranging from 1/8 inch to 1/2 an inch - allowing for much fun and versatility

Total of 9 Design Files


You Receive

in the 4x4 set - (99mmx99mm) Squares - stitch count ranges from 665 to 1449 stitches

in the 5x5 set -  (129mmx129mm) Squares - stitch count ranges from 1022 to 2339 stitches

in the 5.8x5.8 - (149mmx149mm) Squares - stitch count ranges from 1315 to 3052 stitches

in the 6x6 set -  (159mmx159mm) Squares - stitch count ranges from 1483 to 3453 stitches

in the 8x8 - (199mm x 199mm) Squares - stitch count ranges 2211 to 5252 stitches


Even slashing the fabric is easy.

You can use a pair of sharp pointed scissors to cut the channels

, or invest in this wonderful Chenille Cutter , which makes slashing the fabric an absolute breeze. No Cutting mat required, just a flat surface

 (Please take note that the cutter is not included in the set)


A PDF Document is included to assist you to make the chenille fabric panels.


This Chenille Square Set is available in

100 mm =  4x4 inches

130 mm = 5x5 inches

150 mm - 5.8x5.8 inches

160 mm =  6x6 inches

200 mm =  8x8 inches

Please be sure you order the correct product.


CCQ0194 -  Chantell's Chenille 2 - Squares


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100mm /  4x4 DST HUS JEF PES VIP
130mm /  5x5 DST HUS JEF PES VIP
150mm /  5.8x5.8 DST HUS JEF PES VIP
160mm /  6x6 DST HUS JEF PES VIP
200mm /  8x8 DST HUS JEF PES VIP

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