Quilt in the hoop

Butterfly Squares 2

CCQ0175 B

5x7(130mm x 180mm) or 6x6 (160mm x 160mm)

(for CCQ0175 A -  Butterfly Squares 2 and the Carrot Bag 2 - Please click here)
With this set you can make quilts, pillows, pot holders and many other projects
Butterflies in motion topper Butterflies in motion cushion / pillow
You Receive in either the 5x7 or the 6x6 set
  -all the necessary panels to make the Butterfly Pillow

-  Butterfly Squares ,  Top Butterfly Scallop panel as well as a corner scallop

The Butterfly on the Square has 4 variations to it
Simple Redwork Butterfly Satin Butterfly Partially Appliquéd Butterfly Fully Appliquéd Butterfly
Each panel is provided in 1 Stipple quilting variation as well as 1 Echo Quilting variation -
 10 Butterfly Squares,  2 scallop butterfly panels, 2 corner scallops = 14 Design Files
The quilting gets done in the hoop, so any fabric of your choice can be used.

Assembly is an individual choice-

A PDF Document is included to assist you with the Butterfly Pillow 


This set can also mix and matched with many other  sets on this website.


This set is available in 5x7 or 6x6 inches
Please be sure you order the correct product.

 CCQ0175 B -  Butterfly Squares 2


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6x6 - (160 x 160 mm)

Please be sure you can use this size before purchasing it.


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