CCQ0134 - Cross Stained Glass Quilt


Using only the squares from CCQ0134 - you can make this stunning Cross Stained Glass Quilt

The project may seem daunting, but what I find helps me, is to approach it

- one block at a time.



So lets pretend you are only making a pillow and using the B stipple variation

stitch 9 squares ( 2 of Stipple B1, 4 of Stipple B2,  1 of Stipple BX1 and 2 of Stipple BX2)

- join the squares to each other making up a block like this -

See that was not so bad - and the pillow project looks great!



Now lets pretend we are aiming for a small wall hanging - and repeat the above block 3 more times, so you have 4 completed blocks

Join the blocks to each other looking like this

And you say to yourself - this is looking amazing!  I think I will make another wall hanging - lets pretend it is for a family member or friend, because sometimes we are more inclined to do things for our family and friends than for ourselves.

Now once you have duplicated it - you are half way there, and it would be crazzzzzy to stop now.

So now I am telling myself, ok - maybe not another wall hanging - but I have 8  friends who would like these cushion covers.

I am going to make them each one.

You finish the 8 cushion covers and think ....

- Ah! - this is the other half of my quilt !

-  I will give my 8 friends other gifts,

these cushion covers are making up the other half of my quilt.

and look what a stunning project you completed.


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