Quilted Leaf Doily & Bowl 2 - 4x4

CCQ0010 - 4X4

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4x4 (100mm x 100mm)
The quilting gets done in the hoop, so any fabric of your choice can be used.

A home for a fairy

This 8 side doily  - on completion measures +- 20cm (10 inches) from tip to tip The doily and bowl together make a striking combination

You can use the 6 side Bowl Base, and make a doily out of it as well

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Measurements in mm
The 4x4 panels :
 Leaf side panel = 99.00x 71.90 - 1 variation 
 8 side doily Base = 51.20 x 51.20 -  2 variations
(need to make four to complete the base) = 102.40 x 102.40,
6 side Bowl Base = 84.80 x 73.40 - 2 variations

*** a larger hoop***
one 8 side complete Doily Base for a larger hoop also included - 102.40 x 102.40 mm

Assembly is a an individual choice- options for assembly and text instructions are provided  -  photos are included

For the 5x7 size Please click here

CCQ0010 - 4x4 - Quilted Leaf Doily and Bowl 2


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4x4 - HUS JEF PES  

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