Quilt in the hoop

Attic Frames 2  - for Squares


 5x7or 5.86x926 or 6x10 inches

Please be sure you order the correct product.

5x7 - this set is longer than the regular dimensions = (130mm x 199 mm)

5.86x9.26 (150mm x 240mm)

or 6x10 (160mm x 260m)

***This is an accessory set and only contains the Attic Frame 2 Panels, sashing and Corner stones***
With this set you will be able to "frame" the relevant size Square, of any of the other sets on this website.

meaning, the 5x7 set will frame a 5 inch square, the 5.86 x 9.26 set will frame a 5.86 square, and the 6x10 set will frame a 6 inch square.

You Receive in either the  5x7, or 5.86x9.26,  or 6x10 set
A Side Mitred Frame Panel A Narrow Side Sashing panel that fits the Mitred Panel A Small corner stone matching the narrow sashing
Also included are 2 extra panels, you can use them in this set, and also combine them with CCQ0096
A Wide Sashing Panel matching the length of the  Mitred Frame Panel A short narrow sashing panel matching the narrow sashing,  as well as the wide sashing panel of this set, also matching the corner stone of CCQ0096
Each panel is provided in 3 Cross Hatch quilting variations
For the Exact Size Specifications - Please click here

 Also included are diagonal variations to make the following frames

A Total of  36 panels in each set

The quilting gets done in the hoop, so any fabric of your choice can be used.

Assembly is an individual choice-

A PDF Document is included to assist you 



You can also mix and match this set with many other sets.

Want to see more layouts  using the Mitred Attic Panels of this set please click here

This set is available in 5x7or 5.86x9.26 or 6x10 inches
Please be sure you order the correct product.


CCQ0097 - Attic Frame 2


Please click on your  format to purchase

This set does not fit within the limits of the Brother PES 5x7 hoops, Please, only purchase the 5x7 PES format if you have an embroidery machine that can embroider an area of 129mm x 199mm -   PES

fits Designer 1

6x10 -

Please be sure you can use this size before purchasing it.


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