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Lynn in New Jersey, USA

Hi Chantell
I was just going through some pictures and ran across this's a memory quilt,
the bears are flannel shirts of a grandfather that passed before the baby was born.
It's your pattern, and one of my favorites.

teddy bear quilt 

Lynn used the 6x6(160mm) size of the following sets
Q0317 - Teddy Bear Applique - (5x5) or (6x6) or (8x8)
the plain stipple square is from the 6x6(160mm) size from this set
QS0008 - Stipple Squares - (5x5) or (6x6) or (8x8)
- but you can also use a stipple square of similar size from many of the other sets for example CCQ0160 -Stipple Quilting Projects

Close up Picture

teddy bear close up