Choon in Australia

Hi Chantell,
Love the Q blocks, I sewed out 2 'Q01' blocks and made a zipper pouch with them. I added sides and a bottom to the blocks and it was easy with no bulky seam s as you had planned with this set! Am attaching photos of this pouch to show off to you...
Anyway, hope you'll like what I did with the Q01 blocks, I enjoyed sewing those.

I made a few more blocks of Q02 and joined them to make the front and backs of my tote. I intend to use it together with the pouch made with the Q01 blocks so used the same print fabric for the base and zipper panels of the tote. Added two pockets to the inside of the tote as well.
The tote is not finished as well as I had hoped but I am quite happy with the result. I was just making up the pieces and measurement as I went along and there's always the next time!
Choon in Sydney

Choon used the 5x5 size from this set

Q0488 -  Hexie in a Square and More -  5x5 / 6x6 / 8x8



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