Choon in Australia

Hi Chantell,
Purchased the Petal Bowl and made the bowl using Christmas fabric. Hope to make use of this for candy/chocolates gifts this Christmas as well as the Candy bowls.
I finally got around to use your free Mother and Child design - embroidered it in the CCQ0432 Picture Frame.
I skipped the quilting inside the frame and embroidered the Mother and Child instead.
Hope you'll like what I've done......


Choon used the  4x4 size of

Q0303 - Petal Doily and Bowl - 4x4


Choon used this set

Q0432 - Picture Frames - Pot Holders - Mini Quilts - Mug Rugs - 7.8x9.8

The Mother and Child Design is available for download at the bottom of the Intro Page



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