Barbara in Canada

Hi Chantell ........... thought you'd get a laugh out of my latest project ..........
I live in a Condo, the boiler room is very small but all the pipes had old paper tags on them saying what they were,
main water line, boiler water line, hot water shut off, outside back shut off etc .......
anyway I decided that the old paper tags were really messy so I made these quilted fabric tags
and I also made a set for the lady who lives next door to me 'cuz hers were old messy paper tags too .......
so now both our boiler rooms have a little class and these tags will last forever! ......... LoL !!!!!

I used CCQ0005 – Quilt 5 - Rectangles and downsized them to about 2.5” x 3” and used one of my Embird alphabets.


Barbara use a rectangle from the 5x7 set of


Q0027 - Quilt 5

- and then reduced the rectangle - you can however also use any other smaller rectangles from other sets.



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