Melinda in CO

Dear Chantell,
My beautiful hexagon quilt is finished!
I love-love-love this quilt! I am surprised that this quilt turned out to be pretty heavy, too.
The home dec fabric is the culprit because this time I used a thin, lightweight poly batting (Thermore),which  worked perfectly with the hexagon design.
I love home dec fabric because of all the beautiful designs and colors but it is not ideal for quilting, that's for sure!
 I mean, it can be done, but be prepared for a workout at the machine!
I bound this quilt with the feature fabric for my bedroom, and I think it gives a nice weight and good stability to the edge of the quilt.
This is when the weight of a home dec fabric is nice except for having to hand stitch through the thickness when doing the outside binding.

"Hexagon Haven"


Melinda Used the "Pieces" from the Large size of  Q0368 - HOME 4 - Small, Charm Pack, Medium, Large and Xlarge

Together with the Large Size Hexagons from the HOME BONUS set Q0370 - HOME BONUS - Small, Charm Pack, Medium, Large and Xlarge



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