Carol in Canada

Kate in IL

Hello Chantell.
Right now, I am back making your luggage tags (but I put the hardware on them-, I sent you a photo)! I am now doing them in print fabric,  I then combined step 3-5-6 and 7.
This has to be one of your BEST designs!! I have made hundreds of them!
keep up the great work! Carol in Canada.
I made this for my sunflower loving niece.
Carol used this set  - Q0176 - Luggage Tags Kate used this set  -

Q0035 - Quilt Oval Placemats

Q0035 - Quilt Oval Placemats 5x7

and added the sunflower design from her embroidery design stash

Isabelle in Calgary Kristi in CA
Dear Chantell. Here is a picture of a set of  place mats that I made for
a round table. I should have put them all on the table and taken a
picture but was in a hurry. I used a reproduction retro kitchen fabric
and the colours that the person wanted. I should have washed the
stabilizer out before I took the picture too. Hope you like Hugs.
Hi Chantell,
I wanted to share my banner/garland that I made for my great niece that is having a birthday in August.
I really enjoyed how nicely everything went together with your ice cream design CCQ0209
I went to our local Baskin Robbins ice cream shop and purchased a few gift certificates for her to enjoy and I am including it
with the name banner. I can picture it hanging it above her bed, on her door or wherever she might put it. I can’t wait to give it to her.
Thank you for your great designs and making them available to us.
Now it’s time to start the next project, hmmm what will it be?
I have another great niece around the same age maybe I will do one for her for Christmas.
Isabelle used this set  - Q0187 - Wedge Placemats Stipple - 5.86x9.26 (150x240) Kristi Used this Set -  Q0209 - Ice Cream Squares and More Set -  5x5 or  6x6 

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