Laura in Scotland

Hello Chantell,

Enclosed are two photos of a bag I've just finished using your Q0294 Touch of Weaving set.
The first photo is of the front or back of the bag, the second photo is of the bottom.
The bag consists of 22 squares and the fabric, faux suede, was originally a curtain purchased.
I came across the original bag design in the UK embroidery magazine 'Flair' no. 5.
It consists of 22 squares and is one of the most useful bag shapes I have.
The fabric is a recycled faux suede curtain from the local charity shop and is lined with a plain cotton.
The handles are recycled webbing straps covered with the same faux suede and stitched down using a utility stitch.
Like many bag patterns it can be varied so much - size of the squares, fabric, many of your own designs could be used.
I think it best described as being joined 'on point' and I was pleased when I realised just how well the pattern 'flowed' around the bag.

Best wishes, Laura (in Scotland UK)

PS Would you please convey my congratulations to Doreen in UK - her cushions are exquisite.



Laura Used

Q0294 - A Touch of Weaving -  5x5 or 5.8x5.8 or 6x6 or 8x8 (4x4 size included in each set)

The Bag pattern itself, Is from a magazine, Laura explains above


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