Teresa in Florida

Hi Chantell,
I wanted to show you my placemats that I made with your CCQuilt 0147
I hope that you like what I accomplished with your lovely design.
Originally I was going to use the 6x6 squares with the sashing I purchased,
but needed the 8x8 squares for the embroidery and because of the size
decided to make binding for the edges.
When I purchased the designs I knew exactly what I wanted to make.
I make so many different items for gifts, but as always nothing for my self.
These are for me this time as I have a lot of oriental in my dining room and these will go great there.
The embroidery designs came from BFC Creations. They are called Oriental Reflections.


Teresa used the

8x8 size of  Q0147 - Squares - 5x5 or 5.86x5.86 or 6x6 or 8x8

the  added embroidery designs are from BFC Creations


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