Earla in Canada
Hi Chantell,

These are the table mats/doilies that I made 2 or 3 years ago. They have been machine washed many times! (We use them as placemats!) It is a compliment to your skill, Chantell, as they stand up so very well to (almost) every day use! Needless to say, I love creating these!

Well, you may have guessed by now I love colour! When I first started quilting, I would "thoughtlessly" purchase any quilting cotton that appealed to me. :-)) Well, I have discovered that, for me, it is better to plan a complete quilting/embroidery project rather than random collecting of fabric. Sew --- what do I do with all these colourful fabrics that I love! Make them into my favourite Chantell Creation! These 2 sets are my latest finished projects! (New Year's resolution -- finish things!!) :-)))

Thank you


Earla used the 5x7 size of this set

Q0011 - Quilted Flower Bowl & Doily 2



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