Bonnie in CA
Hi Chantell,

I want you to see my newest project.
I have had this material for some time and I was waiting for just the right designs. I love pansy's and the solid material is actually a purple. This blanket chest is about 5 foot long, lined in cedar, and was made for me by my father years ago. I cherish it because there will never be another one made by him. He has gotten too old and shaky to even attempt one. So I wanted something to cover it and protect the top from scratches and marks. I used parts from sets CCQ0153 and CCQ0147. It turned out beautiful and I am so proud of it. It was a really big one and took me two weeks of pretty steady work to do it. But my mind is churning and I am already thinking of more projects that I can do around my home.
Here are the pictures.

Thank you for the lovely designs.

Bonnie used two sets to make this project

Q0153 - Stained Glass Border / Runner


Q0147 - Squares

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