Bonnie in CA
Hello Chantell,

These are pictures of the projects I have done with your designs. These are only a few because I have a house full of them.

This first one is a tree skirt in the round that I made for my daughter and could not find just the right closer. So I got some gold jinglebells and clips for the back. I think it turned out nice. The skirt is totally reversable with a different green on the other side. Makes the nicest sound when it is moved. I embroidered their family name and date on one panel.

Q0049 - Quilt 9 - Tree Skirt 2

Then there was the table runner I made for a friend for Christmas. I did the bowl using timtex in the bowl and regular batting in the doily. I just love this one because I love the lady bug.

Q0119 - 8 Point Star

Q0009 - Quilted Flower Bowl

I have even gone so far as to using parts from your designs to make my Yorkie puppy "diapers" when he is in the house, so he does not mark.  They work
And, probably the most unusual is the elbow protectors I made for a couple of clients in the vet office where I work. These are made out of ripstop and velcro and webbing. 
The large one is a basic rectangle Q0027 - Quilt 5 and a square Q0025 - Quilt 4 and the smaller one is from Q0115  - I used two quarter corners and a thin rectangle.
I find so many uses for parts of your designs and I just love doing them.


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