Helena in SA
Hi Chantell

I little while back I bought the CCQ0124 coaster set and I thought I will
sent you a picture of what I have done with it so far.  I made two doilies
for some round side tables in my bedroom.  I used a fabric that already had
little sequins attached to it which made the little coasters really eye
catching. Amazingly enough the sequins caused no problem.  They fairly soft so I think that helped.  When I saw the fabric after I bought the coaster design I just
had to use it.  You know, kind of when you see a piece of fabric and you
just know what you going to do with it and I must admit, I like to experiment!
 Just for a little finishing touch I attached little tassels to
hang over the edge of the table.  Now I still got to make a runner!  I have
tremendous fun with your designs.  Thank you very much.

Kind regards


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