Calculating how much fabric to use for a quilt
I have been asked about quantities of fabric required for making a quilt.
This is going to depend  on what size quilt you intend to make, and since everyone's quilt sizes vary I am going to use a basic way for you to calculate how much fabric you would need.
Please understand that these are just rough estimates and I am going on the most fabric that I use. You may use less, but it is difficult to say since it all depends on the "margin" you leave.
I find that if you cut too accurately, then you have to be perfect in your placement of the fabric, and that to me is too time consuming, so I tend to "waste" more, but I zip through the squares quickly and save a lot of time.
When you trim the fabric away, if you left only a small bitty margin, it is difficult and time consuming to lift and trim away, But if the margin is "holdable", the trimming is quick and easy.
Using a 5x5 inch square as an example
To make one square -

You need a piece of fabric
 that is +- 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches, ( this allows for a ¼ inch margin all round the square)
you also need  a piece of fabric for the lining that is the same size (5.5x5.5 inches) (14 cm square in metric)
and a piece of batting that is 5x5 inches
If you wanted a bigger margin then add that in on to this first square so your over all calculations for all the squares will all have the margin.
So if you prefer an inch margin (1/2 an inch all round) then you will add on 0.5 inches to my calculations and calculate your requirements from there using the method in the chart below.

Please, if you want to use this chart elsewhere, be it in a shop, a class etc,
then be sure to obtain permission first
and give credit and acknowledgement to this website and its author - Chantell Harcourt

Now say that you want to make a quilt that is 70 x 90 inches using a 5 inch square
Then use the above grid – locate the size of the quilt width in the horizontal blue numbers = 70
Then Locate the length in the vertical blue numbers = 90
So you will need
for the Quilt TOP =  77 x 99 inches of fabric
For the lining  = 77 x 99 inches of fabric
And Batting = 77 x 99 inches
5 inch Squares needed = 252

A complete PDF document with additional information and a blank chart is available in the "files" section of  the Chantell's Creations Yahoo group


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