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CCQ5017 - Decorative String Art

This Set is available in (4x4)100mm or (5x5)130mm or (5.8x5.8)150mm or (8x8)200mm

In This set You receive the Decorative Circle Designs set within a Decorative Satin Edge Square.
Use the outside satin edge provided on the square or leave off the outside satin edge and use traditional methods to join your squares.

Design 01 - Can Use up to 3 contrasting thread colours
(stitchout is from the 4x4 size)

string art square 01

B01 - Can Use up to 4 contrasting thread colours
(stitchout is from the 8x8 size)

string art square 02

The two circle designs, are also provided on their own - sized slightly larger - so you can add them to any item of your choosing.

string_design 05 wall art

01 and 02 with the decorative circle designs
and 03 has no centre design so you can add other designs to that square

string square designs 01 02 and 03

04 and 05 are the decorative circle designs on their own, sized slightly larger
you can add these to any item of your choosing

You Receive

in the 100mm set - 3.98 inch (99mm) Squares and the circle designs on their own are 90mm

in the 130mm set - 5 inch (129mm) Squares and the circle designs on their own are 120mm

in the 150mm set - 5.8 inch (149mm) Squares and the circle designs on their own are 140mm

in the 200mm set - 7.85 inch (199mm) Squares and the circle designs on their own are 190mm

Total of 5 design files in each size set

*****Please take note - all the projects on display are made from using printed or plain fabric - the fabric is not included in the set. You would use whichever fabric you choose to for your projects.*****

A PDF Document is included to assist you.

Secure On-line Shopping - where all the following methods of payment are accepted:


Introductory Special


Regular US$18.00

Unless otherwise indicated,the designs are provided in DST/EXP/HUS/JEF/PES/VIP and VP3

-(if you need a different format please let me know).

To Purchase - Click on your selected size below.
Please be sure you order the correct size of this product.

RECEIVE THE 100mm (4x4) SIZE AS A BONUS WHEN YOU PURCHASE ANY OTHER SIZE OF THIS SET - this 100mm (4x4) Bonus Size Offer is valid until the 5th of May 2018

Buy Now - CCQ5017 - 130mm (5x5) Buy Now - CCQ5017 - 150mm (5.8x5.8) Buy Now - CCQ5017 - 200mm (8x8) VIEW CART

***Two Sizes Intro Special*** The 130mm(5x5) Size together with one other size
(the 4x4 size will be included as a Bonus until the 5th of May)


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