Quilt in the hoop

Mug Rug

CCQ0352 - Mug Rug - 5.8x9.4(150x240mm)

Please be sure you order the correct size of this product.

for the (5x7) 130x180mm Set - please click here

Quick and Easy Mug Rugs - completed in one hooping in the hoop

No additional hand or machine stitching is required.



Have fun with Plain Fabrics or Use Novelty Prints or Decorative Fabrics


Oh SEW Neat
The completed size of the mug rug is +- 5.5 x 9 inches
This set contains the following quilting options
01 - stitches 3747 02 - stitches 2846 03 - stitches 2412 04 - stitches 4223 05 - stitches 3570
06 - stitches 3128 07 - stitches 2694 08 - stitches 2845 09 - stitches 2428  

BONUS - X06 - stitches 11215

- Shows you how easy it is to add embroidery designs of your choice to the mug rug - of course these do take longer to stitch (lol)

  little Cupid on its own - so you can add it to any of the provided quilted options

stitches 2962

  Wording on its own

stitches 5108


You Receive

5.8x9.4 inch (149x239mm) designs -

 Total of 12 Design files in this set

*****Please take note - all the projects on display are made from using printed or plain fabric - the fabric is not included in the set. You would use whichever fabric you choose to for your projects.*****

A PDF Document is included to assist you 




This Set is available in


for the (5x7) 130x180mm Set - please click here

Please be sure you order the correct size of this product.

CCQ00352 - Mug Rug


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for the (5x7) 130x180mm set - please click here
5.8x9.4 - (150x240mm) DST HUS JEF PES VIP VP3

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