Quilt in the hoop

Happy Dolphins Mini Set


Please be sure you order the correct product.

(5x5 ) 130mm  or (6x6) 160mm

 all these dolphin squares are included, they are partially quilted with stipple quilting A, creating a "trapunto" effect around the dolphins.

You Receive

in the 5x5 set -  5 inch (129mm) Squares - stitch count ranges from 6726 o 7847 stitches

in the 6x6 set -  6.2 inch (159mm) Squares  - stitch count ranges from 8909 to 10245 stitches

The quilting gets done in the hoop, so any fabric of your choice can be used.

Assembly is an individual choice-

A PDF Document is included to assist you 


This Mini set compliments CCQ0201  

project in progress - using this set combined with other sets


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Graphics of the Dolphins adapted from an artwork set purchased from Designstitch.com

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