Melinda in NV

Hello Dear Chantell
I finished my Bowtie quilt - yay! I rinsed it in the washer and then dried it in the dryer to soften up the stabilizer and the Wonder Under (used to fuse the appliques to the background).
It came out crinkly and softer and has an old-fashioned look.
I have attached a couple of pix of the quilt - I think it looks better in person because the colors are so vibrant.
But at least this gives you an idea of how your Bowtie design looks done up in reproduction feedsack fabrics.
I think the Bowtie design is SO charming! Love it so much! And it is a fun block to sew, too.


Melinda used the 8x8  size of

Q0353 - Bow-Ties and More - 5x5, 6x6 and 8x8




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