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The "On the Edge" Series is available in three sizes
4.7x4.7 - which is great to use with Charm Pack Fabric squares  - as well as layer cake fabric squares
5.8x5.8 - an "in between size" for those of you who prefer it.
and 8x8 - great for large pieces of fabric

These sets can be mixed and matched with each other, as long as all the sets are in the same size


Click here for layouts and ideas and how you can (mix and match) the "On the Edge" Quilt sets.


All Sets below - Click on any of the pictures

Q0420 - On The Edge Set 1 - Circles - charmpack / 5.8x5.8 / 8x8

Q0421 - On The Edge Set 2 - Clamshell - charmpack / 5.8x5.8 / 8x8

Q0422 - On The Edge Set 3 - charmpack / 5.8x5.8 / 8x8 


Q0423 - On The Edge Set 4 - Blossoms in Full Bloom - charmpack / 5.8x5.8 / 8x8


On The Edge Layouts and Ideas


if you have purchased SET 2, SET3 AND SET4  - you will receive this set as a Bonus.

Q0424 - On The Edge Set 5 - BONUS -  charmpack / 5.8x5.8 / 8x8 

Q0425 - On The Edge Set 6 - Curvy Pinwheel - charmpack / 5.8x5.8 / 8x8


Q0426 - On The Edge Set 7 - Cathedral Windows - charmpack / 5.8x5.8 / 8x8



Q0427 - On The Edge Set 8 - Chameleon Square - charmpack / 5.8x5.8 / 8x8


Q0428 - On The Edge Set 9 - Quarter "Cathedral" Square - charmpack / 5.8x5.8 / 8x8

Q0429 - On The Edge Set 10 - Quarter "Chameleon" Square - charmpack / 5.8x5.8 / 8x8


Q0430 - On The Edge Set 11 - Starry Night -  charmpack / 5.8x5.8 / 8x8 


Q0532 - On The Edge Set 12  -  In a Swirl -  4.7 inch(charmpack)  / 5.8 inch / 8 inch


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