I have found that the plastic bobbins tend to "dance" around in the bobbin case,

so many, many years ago I changed to metal bobbins. And when I got my Brother ULT embroidery machine in 2003, I just continued using the metal bobbins in it as well. When I use the metal bobbins I do make sure that I disengage the scissors/cutter on the embroidery machine. It is just something that I have always done to ensure that no "mishaps" occur. It is probably not necessary, but this is what I have always done and have never had any problems with the metal bobbins.

If you look at the bottom of the bobbin case (bobbin holder or race - whatever you want to call it(lol)),

 you will see it has a magnet. When you use metal bobbins, this magnet ensures that the bobbin remains securely in the bobbin case whilst the machine is stitching.

Below are pictures of the metal bobbins that I have used with success with my Brother Super Galaxie / Brother ULT  - the only difference between the 3 I have found, is the purchase price(lol)
Bernina Deco 500/600 bobbin Brother PR 600 bobbin Industrial machine bobbin
Metal bobbin in machine Remember to put the plastic cover back(lol)
Truly one of my best investments was when I purchased a bobbin winder - this one below is the Brother PR 600 bobbin winder - Nope I do not have a Brother PR 600(lol) - but the shop was willing to sell me the bobbins and bobbin winder. Yeah!!


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