There are many ways of doing something, especially in software. Unfortunately I cannot show all of the ways of achieving the same thing, and to avoid confusion will try to stick to one method only

All of the "How To..." sections are done in "Layout&Editing" of Palette/PE Design version 5

Even if you have a later version, these "How To...." sections may assist you.

How to change the Sewing Order
You will change the sewing order:

If you want to cut down on the colour changes.

this is especially great for when you duplicate a design.

REMEMBER: make sure that you do not interfere with the actual end result by placing your outline in the middle and then end up embroidering over it with another colour.

The down side of duplicating a design and changing the sewing order, is that you will have more jumps.

But it is for you to decide which you would rather do, change the thread 8 times, or cut the jump stitches between the two designs and only have 4 thread changes.


First you will need to open the file that you wish to embroider
In this Instance it is the CC LadybugML1

Once your design is on your design page.

Make sure that it is grouped, before you start working with it. Once it is grouped:

Click on the design

 Now a dotted box, with (handles) in the corners and the sides will appear around the design.

Click on "Edit" and then on "Duplicate"


Now a second ladybug design will appear on top of the original, and this one will have the "handles" around it.

Move this ladybug, off the original, and decide where  you wish for it to be placed. Anywhere you like is fine, as long as it is within the embroidery area (white square)


Press the F10 key to have you Sewing Order Bar appear.

At the moment, you have 8 colour changes.

 light green, dark green, red and black, and then the same sequence again.

Since the designs are duplicated, you can now change the sewing order to minimise on your thread changes.


Click on the second light green segment (no 5 above)

, it will "highlight" the box. Whilst keeping it "clicked" move this segment to the number (2) spot. Then let the button on the mouse go.


Next you want to move the segment from the number 6 spot  (see above)-

this one gets moved to the number 3 spot (see below), because the last place your design would have stopped with the first colour, is on the second leaf,

so now you would want the second colour to start with the second design first, since this will eliminate a jump.


Next move the no 7 segment to the no 6 spot


and lastly move the no 8 segment (see above)  to the number 7 spot (see below), simply because you want to eliminate a jump.



So your sewing order will look like this. Now you only have 4 colour changes.


If you think you may want to use this changed file again in the future then make sure you save it to your hard drive.
Please let me know if you have found this page helpful.

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