Freestanding Lace 3D Poinsettia


7 Different size petals included with text instructions for the assembly of the flower.

A) 1.23" ; B) 1.64" ;C)  2.11"; D) 2.48 ; E) 2.92" ; F) 3.33" ; G) 3.80"
These sizes allow you to make 6 different size flowers.
You can make earrings with the small ones.
A broach with the next size up and many ornaments.
The petals are provided with and without loops and
with and without the centers embroidered. The sizes 2.92",  3.33" and 3.80" is also provided in a thicker lace as well as with separated leaves so that you can twist them amongst each other. (27 files)

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 CCFSL - Freestanding Lace 3D Poinsettias


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