Crochet Lace A

Triangles & Borders

Create an Exquisite and Delicate Doily

Use a Triangle and make a napkin ring

Soft as Lace

 It looks like crochet, it feels like crochet
With these triangles you can create, a frame around a picture,
Make a cloth, to whichever size you require, Make a "V" neck sweater
Make handles for a bag, or even a crochet belt.

 The 90mm sizes of Crochet Lace A compliment the 90 mm sizes of
Crochet Lace 1 & Crochet Lace 3
which means that you can combine the designs of these sets.

4x4 (7 files), 5x7 hoop (6 files) 6x9 (2 files)


Measurements in mm W x H

 Embroidery Design files ,  90mm files for the 4x4 hoops
 Motif Triangle
90.00 x 90.00 S=4312
A Plain Triangle
90.00 x 90.00 S=2709

 Motif square
90.00 x 90.00 S=7351

A Plain square
90.00 x 90.00 S=4875
4x4 hoop - Interlocking Motif Triangles for fun
Interlocking Motif Triangle
90.00 x 45.80 S=2543
 Half of the Interlocking Triangle
45.80 x 45.80 S=1418
All the following Embroidery Design files  using the 90mm files are also included for the 5x7 hoops
 The following Embroidery Design files are included for the 5x9 hoops

239.30 x 80.90 S=15 519

239.30 x 80.90 S=21 362

A Non Freestanding Lace - 90mm Appliqué Design
Other Crochet Lace Sets

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Crochet Lace A - Triangles


This Set is available in

 4x4 and 5x7 (all design files are included)


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