Crochet Lace 2
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It looks like crochet, it feels like crochet
Now you can create a side table cloth , in a fraction of the time

With crochet lace two , I had a summer beach top in mind. Table runners will also look great. The edging can be used on Pillow slips  and as a border for any other project.

4x4  & 5x7 hoop (35 files)


Measurements in mm W x H

Heart  Motif
65.00 x 87.00
50.00 x 66.00

A Heart Border
65.00 x 72.00
50.00 x 55.00
All 12 of the following Embroidery Design files  using the 50mm files are also included for the 5x7 hoops - These combination designs have no jumps in them.
PLUS 9 Similar Embroidery Design files  to some of the above images, using the 65X87mm files are also included for the 5x7 hoops

Attach just the edging to a table cloth


Edging and the square



This Set is available in

 4x4 and 5x7 (all design files are included)



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