Freestanding Lace
Christmas Ornaments

This year everyone, can have their very own Christmas Pudding,
with either a message or their name on it -
and Santa can be used for name tags -
"oh Sew much fun!"

4x4 x 5x7 (9 files) 


Measurements in millimeters W x H

Freestanding Lace Christmas Pudding Ornament or Message / Name Tags  -

It will brighten up any tree or Christmas Table - 4x4 and 5x7 sizes included

Fill suitable for writing  onto - 5x7 and 4x4

(2 Files) 4x4 with writing = 74.50 x 97.90 S=16677
4x4 Blank = 74.50 x 97.90 S=14137

(2 Files) 5x7 with writing = 105.90 x 139.30 S=30077
5x7 Blank = 105.90 x 139.30 S=26556
Different fill - 4x4 only
74.50 x 98.10 S=18021
Freestanding Lace Santa and Name Tags  - Great for kids - 4x4 and one 5x7
Santa - two sizes
78.10 x 94.60 S=14600
113.00 x 135.40 S=27713
Grandpa Santa
78.10 x 94.60 S=15488
A Blank Santa for your own message
78.10 x 94.60 S=14203


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