Freestanding Lace
 Basket - Rose -

4x4 or 4x5
Lace up your basket with Ribbon Jeannie- Thank for this photo - stunning!

Available in 4x4 as well - please scroll down and select the size you need

This Basket will be a great gift for any woman, young or old
Filled with rose petals, fragrance soap and hand cream

Included, is also the Rose with Leaves, on its own as a Freestanding Lace ornament.

This set is available in 4x4 or 4x5,
Please be sure you order the correct size.

 4x5 inches (10 files)


Measurements in Centimeters W x H

Variation 1-  Closer Basket Weave
Rose Panel
90.00 x 129.50 ( Inches = 3.54 x 5.10)
Bottom Base Panel
122.10 x 105.80 - ( Inches - 4.81 x 4.17)
S=21 087
Variation 2 - Solid Lace fill



With the solid lace fill -
you can add the name of the special lady or a message.

You can also combine the Blank Side Panels of
The Baby Basket with this set
Freestanding Lace Ornament

Artwork of this Rose, courtesy of  - Olga Sheaffer

Rose Hairclip, fridge magnet
97.70 x 54.30 ( Inches = 3.85 x 2.14)

Affix it to a Hairclip, and your Hair will get all dressed up

An additional file with a loop allows you to make it into an ornament, or a bookmark.

Size 4x5 inches (10 files)


 Size 4x5

To Purchase Please click on your format
HUS - 4x5 JEF - 4x5 PES-4x5

 4x4 inches (10 files)


The 4x4 Set contains exactly the same files - including the ornament

The Side panels measures :
mm = 69.30 x 99.20 / inches = 3.91 x 2.73
Stitch Count : Variation 1= 15212 and Variation 2 = 13676
The Base panels measures :
mm = 95.40 x 82.60 / inches = 3.76 x 3.25
Stitch Count : Variation 1 = 13274 and Variation 2 = 9786

To Purchase Please click on your format
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