Freestanding Lace
Basket - Baby

Lace up your basket with Ribbon - Variation 3
These Beautiful photos were sent in by Ruth Baldwin:

Thank You Ruth.
Ruth will be a Great Grand Ma soon

This Basket will look great in any Nursery
Filled with cotton wool or,  well baby stuff of course.
Embroider the baby in Blue or Pink to indicate the sex of the baby

Included, is also the baby on its own as a Freestanding Lace ornament.

 4x5 inches (10 files)

Measurements in Centimeters W x H

Variation 1- Basket Weave  and Variation 3 - Closer Basket Weave
Baby Panel
90.00 x 127.20 ( Inches = 3.54 x 5.01)
S = 25486 -
A Plain side Panel
90.00 x 127.20
S = 15286 - 
Bottom Base Panel
122.10 x 105.80 - ( Inches - 4.81 x 4.17)
S = 17 067 -
S=21 087
Variation 2 - Solid Lace fill
S=23718 S=15335
With the solid lace fill -
you can add the baby's name and birth date on the blank panels.

The Blank Panels will also enable you
to use many of your other embroidery designs
thus creating a different theme basket.

94.40 x 83.80 S=10 609

Artwork of Baby - copyright Chantell Harcourt

 Freestanding Lace Bowl/Basket Baby


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