Freestanding Lace
Elegant Square 2


This versatile square has 3 different freestanding lace variations.
1 Small Freestanding Lace Square used for joining.
1 additional file suitable for appliqué and cutwork.
You can make coasters out of them, use them as ornaments or
sew a whole lot together and make a lovely tray cloth.

Size in Inches - 3.67 x 3.67 /  in mm -  93.10 x 93.10

There are No Jumps and No threads to trim

Freestanding Lace

Freestanding Lace

Freestanding lace

This design is NOT Freestanding but is suitable for appliqué and cutwork.

Freestanding Lace Small Sq 1.59" for joining main squares

Before soaking

After soaking

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Example of joined squares